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To ensure that all members benefit exclusively from unique advantages,
the Union and its management have negotiated various benefits and discounts for your insurance and pension plans.



Health insurance

10% to 30% discount
18 partner health companies
Customized comparisons
Members + Families

Analysis files

Free tax return
Financial planning
Pension analysis
Mortgage preparation
Retirement planning

Third Pillars in Insurance

Pension analysis
41 3rd pillar companies compared
Members + Family

Vehicles and housing

Cumulative discounts from 5% to 40%.
Centralized tendering
Claims support

Also access to

41 Partners

We are partners with 41 banking and insurance companies. We make our analysis and network available to Syndicat members to help them make the right choice, and offer exclusive discounts .

We answer your questions

The discounts and benefits offered to SPMG members depend on several factors: Firstly, the number of policyholders. The more members you are, the more discounts and benefits you’ll enjoy. Secondly, coverage areas also influence discounts. Generally, we can get between 10% and 40% off by combining our partner discounts + our group discounts.

The Syndicat has negotiated that all services related to insurance and provident advice will be completely free of charge. No matter how much time you spend on advice, comparison or claims, it’s all free.

The new-generation collectives we are introducing do not oblige anyone to subscribe to them. Members of your group who wish to take advantage of discounts or benefits at the conclusion are free to do so, while those who prefer not to do so are completely at liberty.

We keep abreast of the latest developments in the field, as well as the various reforms and changes in terms of pensions and insurance. If required, we can offer the Syndicat various presentations and themes that might be of interest to you, free of charge.

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