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From vested benefit accounts to private banking, discover all the possibilities we have to offer.


Le Libre Passage

Your vested benefits are the assets in your pension fund: in other words, the money you’ve saved and earned over many years of work, buying back years and making contributions.

There are a number of situations in which it may be necessary to invest vested benefits: job loss, moving abroad, a reduction in salary or working hours, or simply becoming self-employed.

But each of these situations will lead to different investment perspectives and will require in-depth analysis.

What’s more, these accumulated assets are also your retirement assets, which need to be secure, but also need to continue working efficiently.

Free Passage

Make the most of your money.

Our analysis

Free Passage Optimization


Since every situation is different, a thorough understanding of the issues at stake is essential. While certain problems may arise at the time of vesting, you’ll be presented with a number of excellent opportunities.

Tax optimization - Private management - Returns

Our expertise

We offer you a comprehensive, personalized analysis of your situation and work with you to develop a solution tailored to your needs.


Keep the option of including disability annuities & risk coverage

Possible yields

Get returns ranging from
3 % à 7 %


Customized comparisons of market solutions


How & Why split your vested benefits


Find out how to reduce your tax bill when you exit the funds

Private Banking

We open the doors of Private Banking to you in a privileged way

Our support

Withdrawal of your retirement savings

These are the two cases in which you can withdraw your pension assets, and we will provide you with advice and support, and help you to optimize the purchase considerably, thanks to a number of important tips.

Becoming self-employed

Administrative support for the procedure
Tax optimization on withdrawal (1 year to withdraw)
Analysis of pension choice (BVG vs. 3rd pillar)
Discount on all other insurances

Becoming an owner

Administrative support for the procedure
Tax optimization on withdrawal or guarantee
Setting up an optimal mortgage file
Negotiating the best rates on the market