Benefit from high-quality, comprehensive and professional advice on expat insurance and provident schemes, and choose the best solution from among 41 partner companies.

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Neutral, transparent advice

Expat specialists Tailored solutions

Choose from 41 companies

No commission charges

specialized advice for expats

Our consulting philosophy

Behind every objet d’art lies a love affair, a story.

We know an art collector’s attention to detail. That’s why we take the time to put together a solution as perfect as the piece of art you have.
These precious objects deserve the best insurance coverage.

Take the time for personalized quality advice

6 main services

Our Services for Expats

health insurance

Explanation of the Swiss system. Affiliation with no active retroactive period possible. Full coverage with discount.

3rd pillar expats

Possible 3rd Pillars US Persons. Continuation of the 3rd Pillar abroad. Coverage for pension gaps.

tax optimization

Tax deductions CHF 6,826 / year. Setting up year buybacks. Tax-optimized investments.

free passage

When you leave Switzerland, leave your vested benefits to work in a private bank.

mortgage loans

Expertise in purchasing potential. Negotiating the best rates. No penalty for resale.

disaster support

Declaration of the claim to the companies. Support during the procedure. Refund validation.

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6 key areas

Our strategy

analysis & time

Take the time to conduct a complete situational analysis. Knowing the real goals and needs of the solution you are looking for


Compete with all the players in the art market. Analyze the best rates and services.

our customers come first

Easy to say, harder to do. We are committed to putting our customers' interests before our own or those of our partner companies.


Offer total transparency on the strengths and weaknesses of each of the different solutions, giving our customers a totally free and clear choice.

quality of advice

Only work with an in-house-trained team with specialized federal accreditations, supported by experts in the field.

tax optimization

Master the art of tax optimization, as these are the only attractive guaranteed gains on the market today. So it's vital to know all the ins and outs.

Compare 3rd Pillar solutions from 41 partner companies