BVG Mandatory

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LPP Oblitatoire

Introduction to BVG

As its name suggests, compulsory BVG, like all compulsory schemes, is governed by law. Individual pension funds can do better than the law, but never worse. The maximum salary is CHF 84,600 per year.

It is important to insure your staff with a pension fund as soon as possible, to avoid being automatically affiliated to the supplementary fund, which is excessively costly.

Possible Covers

The pension fund covers a company’s employees in the event of long-term disability (1 or 2 years). In the event of death from illness, survivors (spouses, children, etc.) are entitled to benefits under certain conditions. All this can be optimized by adjusting benefits to your company’s profile.

Last but not least, the fund is a great way to look forward to a happy retirement. Don’t hesitate to compare with us the different returns and fees of the funds on the market.

Who is an Affiliate?

  • People from the age of 18 are covered against disability and death, but only save from the age of 25.
  • Income must exceed CHF 21,150.
  • The person must be gainfully employed in Switzerland.
  • These rules can be improved (e.g. savings from age 20) by provisions that go beyond the law.

Make the right choice

It’s essential to get into a pension system that’s right for you.
You can choose between :

  • Full insurance fund
  • Semi-autonomous body
  • Autonomous fund

Choosing the right type of fund will have an impact on fees, returns and the security of your assets. Other important points to bear in mind are :

  • Services
  • Expenses
  • The solidity of the foundation
  • Historical yields
  • Conversion rates