Our Philosophy & Values

Our Values

Quality Charter

Sparta Group S.A. is committed to defending your interests and delivering quality work over the long term, and to achieve this we will :

  • Offer totally impartial work as brokers.
  • We take great care in selecting the insurance companies and banks with which we work and whose services we know to be of the highest quality.
  • Putting our customers’ interests ahead of our own or those of the insurance companies.
  • Ensure follow-up and availability throughout our mandates.
  • Analyze our customers’ profiles & find the most suitable offers.
  • Work only with a hand-picked team of consultants & brokers.
  • Continuously renew our knowledge by training in the latest developments.
  • Offering innovative, different and high-performance solutions to our private and corporate customers.


Group presentation


Sparta Group S.A. is a Geneva-based limited company incorporated under Swiss law in 2014. Its aim is to negotiate agreements with Swiss insurance companies and banks, and to advise on and manage the insurance and pension assets of its private and corporate clients.

But & Services

SPARTA Group employees help their customers choose the coverage best suited to their needs.

What’s more, they act as the interface between insurance companies and their customers, and handle all the administrative procedures involved in insurance changes and negotiations.

Thanks to its experience and know-how, our team is able to provide you with a global vision of all your projects, through a single point of contact. Sparta Group also offers administrative support and a global analysis of your insurance portfolio.

Our specialists call for tenders according to your needs and compare rates on your behalf.

Risk and needs analysis

We consider the study of risks and needs to be one of the most important parts of our work. After all, every individual, family or company has different needs and objectives.

By taking the time to study your customer profile, we can tailor cover to your needs and target the right offer for you. Whether you’re looking for the best price or absolute quality, whether your fears are mainly based on security or whether, on the contrary, you’re looking for performance, our brokerage work based on sound analysis will enable us to offer you coverage that’s truly tailored to your needs.

Insurance companies are all different and efficient, but there is currently no company that is truly better than the others. However, some will be more suitable than others, depending on the customer’s profile.

Cover analysis

According to Swiss statistics, many private individuals and professionals regularly find themselves under-insured, without even knowing it. Unfortunately, it’s only when a claim occurs that they realize the lack of coverage, and then it’s obviously too late. The consequences are often far-reaching, as under-coverage leads to partial or non-existent reimbursement from the insurance company.

Over-insurance is also common: being over-insured doesn’t protect policyholders any better, and uses up part of the insurance budget unnecessarily.

General terms and conditions must also be subjected to a complete and detailed analysis.

Our brokers will analyze and dissect all your current coverages, pinpoint gaps and areas for optimization, and provide you with a detailed report.

By analyzing your needs, we can select the coverage that best suits your requirements, so that you can be sure of obtaining the optimum reimbursement in the event of a claim.

Invitation to tender

As brokers, our job is to obtain several offers from different companies. In fact, we are committed to always offering 3 to 5 competing companies. Together, we select the companies from which bids will be requested, and a call for tenders is issued.

Once we’ve received the bids, we negotiate with the best two to obtain additional discounts, ensuring that you get the very best.

When we receive the final offers from our partner companies, following the last negotiations, and being certain that these offers cover our needs as well as possible and that the price is the best possible, our team of specialists prepares the report.

The report systematically compares the offers and summarizes the advantages and shortcomings of each. It’s important to bear in mind that each company has its own specific features, and it’s unlikely that you’ll find exactly the same cover for all of them. That’s why the report is so important, helping you to make the right cover-price choice, and doing so with complete transparency.

Specialized Departments

It’s not possible to master all private and corporate insurance sectors, and all the subtleties of insurance companies, while complying with the law and optimizing taxation. As a result, Sparta Group S.A. has chosen to create a number of specialized departments to ensure that it can always offer its private and corporate customers the very best advice on demand. Depending on your needs, your broker will be able to call on our various consultants and specialists:

  • Private Insurance Department.
  • Mortgage department.
  • Corporate Department.
  • Border departments.
  • Tax department.
  • Pension fund department.
  • Collective business department.


Neutral and independent, we analyze the market for you in a global and impartial way.

FINMA N°29719

Officially accredited
FINMA is the supervisory authority for the Swiss financial market.


Our team benefits from accreditations up to and including the specialized Brevet Fédéral.