Life Annuity in 2023


Life Annuity

A life annuity is an insurance policy which, in exchange for a capital sum (single premium), guarantees you a regular income until your death. This additional annuity is paid for life, even when the capital is exhausted, so you can live with peace of mind, with a guaranteed income based on your needs.

Wanting to ensure a steady stream of capital so that you can enjoy your retirement to the full, you have quite rightly opted for a life annuity. You’ve made the right choice, because you’ll benefit from a host of advantages, including tax advantages and a secure regular income.
But what type of annuity should you choose? Are they still as interesting as ever? Let’s find out what the advantages/disadvantages are

life annuities

The advantages of La Rente Viagère


Security for you and your loved ones with an annuity paid for life


Attractive tax treatment of the annuity received, with only 40% taken into account as taxable income


No need to actively manage your capital: a life annuity guarantees you a regular income for life.

Let’s take a closer look at these 3 main advantages

Life annuities offer total security, with guaranteed payments for life. You will receive a monthly or annual payment of the amount corresponding to your annuity, whatever the state of the financial markets. Added to this amount are supplements, known as surplus earnings, which are not guaranteed and fluctuate according to the company’s performance.

Life annuities

Possible options

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