Contraception reimbursement


The different types of contraception

Choose a supplement that reimburses what you actually use.

It is becoming increasingly important to protect yourself with complementary insurance. That’s why our advice is to help you find the complementary health insurance that reimburses your real needs, as is the case for contraception, for example.
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Women's Advantage Covers

6 Main products


Have your preventive gynecological examinations reimbursed without deductible. 250 / year


Contraceptive Pill, Implanon, IUD, Vaginal Ring, Quarterly Injection. Repayment: 60% max. 1,500 / year


Tubal ligation also reimbursed at 60% max. 1,500/year.


Coverage and your needs evolve. In Vitro Fertilization reimbursed up to a single amount of $1,500.

Sport, Yoga, Swimming

Have your fitness membership refunded at 300.00 / year or your Yoga, Swimming, Dance etc. membership fees

Pre-Post Natal

Pre- and post-natal support and follow-up. Fitness, perineal gymnastics. 60% max 1,500 / year.