Prenatal insurance

Our priority

Your baby's well-being

Family is important and your child is the best part.

The Sparta Group S.A. team offers you total expertise, taking into account the risks and needs of every child and every family. To do this, we’re going to compare prenatal offers for you and with you, from over 17 companies.

We’ll analyze their strengths and weaknesses to ensure you make the right choice and protect your future child together.

Baby Packages

Prenatal Insurance

Our recommendation & advice. Here are the main benefits of prenatal insurance:

None Administrative

Make the most of your child's first days without having to deal with administrative formalities

Baby protection

No prenatal health questionnaire for your future baby's insurance, that's protecting him!

Selection of offers

Price comparisons & customized services of all prenatal insurance offers on the market.

Baby Packages

Enjoy the benefits of a baby package. Covers adapted to your future child's needs.

Personalized follow-up

Your prenatal specialist will support you during your pregnancy and after the birth of your baby.

Exclusive Discounts

SPARTA GROUP offers you the maximum discount possible thanks to its exclusive advantages.

My Baby

Prenatal Insurance

Why have a Prenatal?

Prenatal insurance means offering your future child full health insurance protection even before he or she comes into the world.

Since health insurance is compulsory in Switzerland, it will in any case be necessary to insure your child from birth. Supplementary insurance is subject to a health questionnaire. We know that, unfortunately, there are certain risks at birth. Protecting your future child from these is our priority and our advice.

By taking out prenatal insurance before your child is born, you’ll avoid the health questionnaire and give your child the best possible protection for the future.

Possible Covers

Basic insurance (KVG/LAMal)

Traditional (Basis): Freedom to choose and consult any pediatricians and doctors without following any rules.

Family Pediatrician: Reduces the cost of your premium if you agree to consult your family pediatrician first. (except for emergencies).

Telephone: You can also reduce the cost of your premium if you agree to call the hotline before consulting a paediatrician. (except for emergencies).

Additional coverages available

Off-list drugs
Protection abroad
Ambulance transport
Eyeglasses and contact lenses
Auxiliary equipment
Non-medical psychotherapy
Coverage throughout Switzerland
Medical equipment rental
Orthodontic treatment
Medical legal protection
Dental care

Complementary natural healthcare products

Natural complementary medicine
Check-ups, examinations, analyses, etc.
Medical equipment rental
Baby swimmer
Developmental disorders
Detached ears

Access to private clinics and choice of doctor

Free choice of specialist
Free choice of private clinic
Access to the best care

Your options after birth