Offer your staff exclusive group benefits and tailor-made service

35 banks and insurance companies make their services available free of charge

Free and without obligation

Offer your staff exclusive group benefits and tailor-made service

35 banks and insurance companies make their services available free of charge

collectives 2.0

Principle of a collective

Let’s start by understanding how an insurance collective works:
A collective agreement is an agreement between a group of people (company, association, corporation, etc.) and one or more insurance companies, the purpose of which is to establish a set of preferential conditions for cover and prices, as well as service guarantees.

For the collectives we create, we estimate the number of potential customers at several insurance companies. These insurance companies offer our customers a lower price and a range of exclusive benefits.
We then put our know-how and readiness at your disposal to advise and manage your staff’s various requests.

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Setting up the collective

4-step process

Create your own collective

Build loyalty among your staff or group members by offering them exclusive benefits.

We can set up unique group benefits specific to your organization, free of charge.


Information structure

During an initial consultation, we’ll analyze your group’s structure to identify your needs in terms of discounts, benefits and advice.


Negotiating solutions

We negotiate group benefits for you with several insurance companies, so that your group can benefit from unique, no-obligation group benefits.


Setting up the procedure

A dedicated team is set up for your group. Knowing your needs and adapting to your structure. We’ll set up an on-call service for you, a free hotline and tailor-made appointments.


Regular follow-up

We take care of all the administration and follow-up for you. We are and will remain your privileged contact.

We answer your questions

The discounts and benefits offered to your group members depend on a number of factors. First, the potential number, the desired areas of coverage and the selected companies. We can usually get between 10% and 35% off.

  • Group member loyalty thanks to the benefits offered by their management.
  • We aim to reduce absenteeism through good prevention and care cover.
  • Optimize your team’s time. Supported by a dedicated team.
  • A quiet team is much more efficient. We support them in the event of a claim.
  • Discounts available on certain corporate coverages.
  • Outsourcing of administrative issues relating to insurance, lpp, etc.

The strength of the group when we create a collective enables us not only to negotiate more advantageous conditions than an individual, but also to count on remuneration made directly by the company. As official partners, the selected banks and insurance companies pay us to take care of your group. All group benefits are therefore free for you.

The new-generation collectives we are introducing do not oblige anyone to subscribe to them. Members of your group who wish to take advantage of discounts or benefits at the conclusion are free to do so, while those who prefer not to do so are completely at liberty.

Depending on current events and the company’s various needs, we organize themed presentations as well as occasional meetings to facilitate the time and travel of our team members.

At your disposal

our 35 partners

We partner with 35 banking and insurance companies. We offer our analysis and our network to help you choose your group. Our advisors sort through the offers according to your needs and propose up to 3 solutions selected for their conditions, guarantees and returns.

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