Sur-Obligatoire & Bel-Étage

Put together a tailor-made personal pension plan from an infinite range of options




For those who wish to go beyond the legal minimum of CHF 84600 per year, there is the option of making a plan that exceeds the legal minimum.

All staff can be taken into account, or only certain categories of people chosen by you according to a clear allocation key (executives, salaries in excess of CHF 84600, etc.).

Our services are adapted to the type of people in the company

Frame plans

If you want to separate the top plane from the base plane and create a completely separate entity, the frame plane is just what you need.

Decide who is to benefit from the plan (executives, managers, etc.) and work with us to set up a plan that complies with the foundation’s by-laws and the law, particularly tax law.

We’ll check for you that the master plan matches the basic plan.


From incomes of CHF 126,000, access to a personalized pension plan free of legal constraints becomes possible.

The tax optimization opportunities offered by these plans, including for decision-makers, are becoming very attractive.

The choice of investments per policyholder allows great freedom and diversifies risk-taking according to different profiles.