Life insurance


What is life insurance?

A death is a terrible ordeal that leaves deep scars and often poses financial problems for the estate. Life insurance is designed for people who want to ensure the financial security of their loved ones in the event of their death, by passing on a capital sum. It canFor example, to pay off loans or mortgages, or simply to help your family through the bereavement period.

3rd pillar

What's the link between the 3rd pillar and life insurance?

Almost all insurance companies offer tied life insurance as part of their 3rd pillar 3A or 3rd pillar 3B solutions. This is a sound financial strategy for several reasons:

Firstly, it offers financial security for the future, by enabling you to save regularly for retirement while benefiting from insurance coverage.

Secondly, it offers significant tax advantages, as contributions to the 3rd Pillar 3A are tax-deductible, reducing income tax.

Thirdly, the 3rd pillar offers flexibility, allowing you to choose between different investment and insurance coverage options, according to your individual needs and objectives.

This combination of financial security, tax benefits and protection for loved ones makes life insurance with a 3rd pillar an attractive choice for financial planning in Switzerland.

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In Brief

The advantages of death insurance

A legacy of capital

Ensure financial security for your loved ones by passing on a lump sum in the event of death

Tax savings

Premiums can be deducted from your taxable income


Benefit from attractive premiums depending on your situation


Tailor the term and sum insured to your needs

Beneficiary Clause

Define your own beneficiary clause and future heirs

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