Supplementary insurance

ACL - 2024

Purpose & Operation

Supplementary insurance, known as VVG, is completely private. They are all different for each health insurer, and unlike the LAMal, insurers are under no obligation to accept policyholders. They will then be asked a series of questions about their medical history and general state of health.

VVGs fill the gaps left by the KVG and offer benefits that improve on the KVG, and are therefore essential.

If the LAMal seemed complicated until now, the LCAs are much more so. Coverage, reimbursement types, rates, cancellation deadlines and contract durations vary from one health insurer to another.

Sparta Group S.A.’s experienced brokers will analyze your customer profile and requirements, and help you choose the complementary products best suited to your needs.

It’s very important to take out ACL insurance, because once treatment has begun or something unfortunate has happened, it will be almost impossible to take out new supplementary insurance, and it will be too late to benefit from the coverage and reimbursements offered by the latter.

Possible Covers?

Here are a few examples of coverings found in ACLs:

  • Glasses and contact lenses
  • Dental care, orthodontics and maxillofacial surgery benefits
  • Treatment costs abroad
  • Emergency repatriation from abroad
  • Ambulance and search and rescue costs
  • Free choice of surgeon
  • Hospitalization 1/2 private and private clinics
  • Auxiliary means
  • Home help and care in the event of disability
  • Participation in fitness or swimming pool memberships
  • Preventive check-ups
  • Gynaecological examinations and reimbursement of the contraceptive pill
  • Alternative medicine and natural therapies
  • Non-listed drugs not reimbursed by LAMal
  • Ultrasounds and additional gynecological visits in the event of pregnancy
  • Etc.

Staying Vigilant

Health insurance is often too little controlled, even though it is an important part of a budget and, above all, concerns our care and state of health. Here are a few important points: :

  • The importance of answering the health questionnaire accurately.
  • Target your current and future needs.
  • Compare benefits and terms and conditions in detail.
  • Ensure the company’s “after-sales service” and philosophy.
  • Take advantage of the strength of numbers via your Broker, in order to carry more weight.

Compare Services

At present, there is no insurance company that reimburses all these services at the best market rate. The Brokers at Sparta Group S.A. will help you choose the services best suited to your needs and guide you to the company that specializes in these services and offers the best reimbursements at the best rates.

Benefit from a neutral view, substantial discounts and experienced expertise to make the right choice

Significant gaps in KVG/LAMal

Unfortunately, the LAMal only offers minimum coverage, known as vital coverage. Here are a few examples of major gaps in KVG/LAMal coverage:

  • Ambulance: Coverage of 50% of the bill; maximum 500.00
  • Coverage / rate differences abroad: Double the Swiss rate
  • Emergency repatriation from abroad :
  • Hospitalization: Public hospitals only, no free choice of surgeon
  • Teeth : No refunds
  • Glasses / Lenses: No reimbursement for adults
  • Off-list drugs : No reimbursements
  • Natural Medicine: Limited to
  • Sport / Wellness : No refunds
We’ll work with you to analyze the major gaps you want to cover and tailor the ideal supplements for you.

Get Your Peace of Mind

How can you be sure you’re making the right choice?

How can you protect your loved ones and your own health while optimizing costs?

Sparta Group S.A. has selected for you complete packages adapted to your needs, offering you the security you need at the best price on the market.

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